A Focus on Customer Service


The ultimate customer service experience is being able to get assistance whenever you need it. No one enjoys a first point of contact being an automated dialling system that never really connects you to someone who can address your needs. Neither do customers want to be routed to a call centre in a completely different country unable to offer any tangible solution to technical problems being experienced.

The customer service ethos at APUA Telecoms is geared towards having real people provide real time interactions and real time responses to issues customers may be experiencing. As such we are focusing efforts on developing our local call centre to allow it to be more responsive to the queries received from customers.

Additionally, we understand that there is a tech-savvy portion of the market that wants to be able to engage in self-care, and the process is well underway towards launching an online portal that allows customers to conduct just about any transaction without ever having to leave the comfort of their homes. There is a customer service model in APUA Telecoms to meet the needs of every customer. •