Antigua & Barbuda’s 60th Carnival gets a Warm Reception in Trinidad & Tobago

Antigua Barbuda 60th Carnival Warm Reception in Trinidad Tobago

The Antigua and Barbuda delegation, received a warm reception from the Trinidad public with persons wanting to get as much information as possible on all the activities taking place for the big 60th Anniversary Celebrations.

Regional Marketing Consultant for the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority, Charmaine Spencer, said “The aim of the Antigua Road Show was to sensitize the Trinidadian public to Antigua and Barbuda as a neighbouring paradise, but also as a Carnival and party destination, to attract the Trinidadian and Tobagonian avid party-goers, and seasoned mas players.

Following from previous efforts of the ABTA in the Trinidad market, the Antigua and Barbuda delegation conducted media appearances on leading Trinidad radio stations, as well as local TV, inviting all to visit Antigua and Barbuda for the upcoming cricket, as well as, the 60th Carnival Anniversary, and just for vacation any time of the year.

The team also had meetings with some of Trinidad’s most prominent mas bands such as, TRIBE Carnival, Ronnie & Caro, Fantasy, and YUMA.

The Road Show culminated with a media Cocktail Launch hosted at Estate 101 in Maraval. The cocktail launch was well attended by representatives of Caribbean Airlines who, as a prize, gave away a trip to Antigua and Barbuda. Also in attendance were members of Trinidad’s National Carnival Commission, local media celebrities, journalists, several travel agencies, representatives from the local hotel association, as well as legendary calypsonians such as, Ronnie McIntosh and Gypsy, and other invited guests.

A sponsored trip to Antigua’s 60th Carnival was also given away compliments LIAT – The Caribbean Airline. This package included round-trip airfare, hotel accommodation and tickets to all the Carnival shows.

The highlight of the evening was the unveiling of Antigua mas costumes. Guests were visibly impressed by the splendor that is Antigua’s Carnival with a preview of carnival costumes by Antigua Mas Band, Beautiful People. •