Community, Sports & Culture at the Heart of Kennedy’s

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Kennedy’s Group of Companies’ track record and history will show that this company has a legacy of mentoring and caring for the community through sports and culture.

The Kennedy’s Liberta Sports Complex was erected as a way of giving back to that community – a landmark of sorts, as appreciation for the people of Liberta and in recognition of the very first bar – Kennedy’s Club, which received its start from the community in 1962.  The Sports Complex upkeep and maintenance continues to be carried out by the Kennedy’s Group.  The Liberta community do benefit from this gesture, as evidenced by the great sports men and women it has produced in recent times.

Kennedy’s Blue Diamond Football and Basketball Team are a force to be reckoned with; having won out both the Business League Football and Basketball Competition for many years.  The young men who make up the team are recruited from staff members and individuals from the surrounding community.   Members of the aforementioned teams show undaunted enthusiasm for the relevant sport.

It is important for young people – especially young men to have a medium by which to channel their energy in a positive manner; bearing in mind the negative influences in our societies today. Sporting activities have provided such a channel and Kennedy’s Group is acutely cognizant of this concern.

Kennedy’s also sponsor Guinness Annual Street Football Event – which is growing in popularity, Vita Malt Sports Men & Women of the Year Award, Coca-Cola Inter-School Sports Championship.

“Kennedy’s” is definitely a household word that has become embedded into the Antiguan culture.   Kennedy’s Club Ltd., Antigua’s major wholesale distributor, is synonymous with the name “Wadadli” Antigua’s lager beer, the top best-selling beer on island.    Wadadli Beer, in turn, is associated significantly with meaningful events in Antigua.  To begin with, Antigua’s Annual Summer Festival – the Wadadli Calypso Monarch Show, which is one of the main featured shows during Antigua’s Annual Summer Festival.   The company lends its brands representation to many other highlighted events and institutions.

Kennedy’s Club Ltd. over the years has been supporting the annual Carnival celebrations because of our commitment to being a major player in the development of our country’s Arts and Culture. Our participation has awarded us outstanding recognition resulting in us being dubbed “The Most Organized Band on the road” for Antigua’s Carnival over the years. Like no other troupe, the Wadadli Brewmasters’ emphasis is safety first while having total enjoyment on the road at J’ouvert morning. Our setup includes live bands featuring all the leading soca artistes and DJs, tight security along the entire route with food and drinks. We believe there is strength in unity and we pride ourselves as being a J’ouvert troupe catering for the young and energetic & old and spirited. The Wadadli Brewmasters promises ‘a reveler’s experience you won’t forget’.

There is hardly an event taking place in Antigua that Kennedy’s does not play an integral part in; branding and supplying goods and/or sponsorships. The company also supplies branded tents if required, setting up bars, product displays and provides other services.  The company offers a wide variety of high demand international brands to general consumers, event promoters both locally and regionally.

Kennedy’s Group of Companies is also affiliated with the church.   This is a legacy handed down by the matriarch, Mommy Gen.  It is customary each year for the company to invite its management and staff to give thanks to the Almighty God on its anniversary.  A different denomination is chosen every year to worship and a monetary gift is presented to the church.

Everyone looks forward to this thanksgiving event as it brings all staff together and fosters relationships with members of the church.  In other words, new bonds are formed and new friendship made…the makings for a better and caring community.

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.  Nothing can be done without hope and confidence…” This is the legacy by which Kennedy’s stands. •

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