Kennedy’s — An Idea Becomes Reality — Building a Family Business

Francis Family

What started as a small bar in Liberta Village in 1962 has grown to become the leading wholesaler and distributor of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages of internationally known, signature brands in Antigua & Barbuda.

Kennedy’s Club Ltd. has been in existence for over half a century and has proven itself to be the epitome of corporate and social responsibility.

Often times, when one considers the founding principles or the pillars of a successful business, what often comes to mind are sacrifice, dedication, and discipline. For Kennedy’s it is: Family, Relationships, Brands, and Community.

Over the years, the Kennedy’s Group of companies has provided employment opportunities to hundreds of citizens. The company currently employs over one hundred individuals – despite present economic conditions. They consider it their duty, as corporate citizens, to give back to the community, and to Antigua and Barbuda as a whole.

Though not an exhaustive list, the company contributes to national annual events such as: the Coca Cola National School’s Athletic Championship, Wadadli Carnival Calypso Monarch Competition, Jaycees Queen Show, JCI Antigua Cancer Awareness Campaign, Vita Malt National Sports Awards, Antigua Sailing Week, the National Basketball Championship, as well as the Diageo “Learning for life ™” Programme.

What makes Kennedy’s Group of Companies unique? For one, it is a homegrown company; one that boasts a charismatic and enthusiastic family atmosphere. From top senior management, to line staff, the owners and directors treat everyone as family.

“We work in an environment of minimal stress, created and encouraged by family members.” It was not unusual to see Director, Pauline “Mommy Gen” Francis hugging and motivating staff members. After all, medical professionals will tell you that a low stress environment is the best way to nurture emotional and mental well-being and general good health.

Having mastered the beverage trade, the parent company has grown to include the following business entities: Island B-Hive Sports Bar (with locations at Heritage Quay and Sir Vivian Richards Stadium), Kreative Fitness Park (also located at the Stadium), Kennedy’s Liquor World Ltd., Kennedy’s Classic and Kennedy’s Enterprises Ltd., MoneyGram International, and Ken’s Club – the first exclusive membership club store to be introduced in Antigua and Barbuda.

The parent company recently added a new member to its business family, that being the Global Explorers Limited T/A Johnnie Walker Bar in the departure lounge at the V.C. Bird International Airport. A heartfelt appreciation is extended to our Kennedy’s family (Staff), customers, suppliers and the Government and citizens of Antigua & Barbuda for their continued support and for contributing to our success over the past 55 years. •