Linking with Tourism A Key Niche for Growth: Birth of B-hive 1 & 2

Island B-Hive 1-2-01

Heritage Quay is the major port of entry for thousands of tourists disembarking from the many cruise ships that visit Antigua annually.  It’s where one can find a variety of international and local shops and vendors.  Yet, something was missing.  The vicinity was crying out for lively activity and entertainment.

Then it happened! Under the clock tower was beautifully transformed to the amazement of critics. It sits majestically on a modest platform with its nonagon (nine-sided) shape and sturdy columns decorated with honeybees, painted in burnt orange and gold, and the conical roof is painted royal blue on the inside.  It exhibits a stunning combination of colours; with main entrance from the cobblestone courtyard in charming Heritage Quay Duty Free Shopping Mall.

In June 2006, Island B-Hive – a sports bar and restaurant, welcomed its first patrons, which was the US Navy Fleet that was touring the Caribbean at the time.

This restaurant and sports bar has a unique ambiance unmatched by any other in the area.  It is located at a strategic spot to attract the visiting tourist from the cruise ship, which docks at the nearby pier.  The visitors, as well as locals, are intrigued by its colourful décor and open-air concept, making it a favourite spot to get a refreshing drink or a delicious meal.  B-Hive thrives on repeat patrons’ business, both local and from overseas.  Its selection of tantalizing dishes, whether local or international cuisine, are known island wide.

The demand was so great that the Island B-Hive Party Stand was born.  The sports bar located at the Vivian Richards Stadium surpassed expectations, being a prime hub for many events including ceremonies, wakes, sports, parties and fetes.  Come out and Sip the honey, Bite the comb, Feel the buzz and Bee at home!  •