Access to the Internet is extremely vital to the day to day running of the hotels within our group. Our staff uses it for simple tasks such as email and item research to more complicated uses such as remote access to our central reservations system and PMS. All of our restaurants use online music services for background music as well. Guests have also become very demanding of internet access. Most choose their hotel stays depending on the availability of the service and are willing to leave the property if there is no internet service available.

I would say at least 90% of our business involves the internet in some shape or form. Email and VOIP are essential for communication within the group. Our central reservations system, as I mentioned earlier, is accessed via a secure internet connection and some staff have the option to access our network from wherever they may be via Internet access. Guests have zero tolerance for a lack of internet service and we go as far as offering free internet access in our lobby areas and on our beaches at St. James Club.

We have had the internet service for over 2 years now and I cannot say anything negative about it. The service is extremely reliable and the bandwidth I receive is exactly what I am supposed to receive. They always go the extra mile to make sure any issues are resolved promptly. As a whole, I would say that I am extremely satisfied with the level of service I receive from the APUA inet Service.

– Michael Ferraz, Corporate IT Administrator, Elite Island Resorts | Hospitality Industry



Internet connectivity is like oxygen to life for my business – it has helped overcome geographical boundaries allowing me to not only connect with suppliers and customers within Antigua & Barbuda but also from around the world; giving me access to new markets and increasing my ability to scale business.

Additionally the internet has helped to increase the efficiency by which tasks and projects can be completed – for example my team can save a lot of time and resources by meeting virtually at any time – instead of having to physically drive to a meeting point to do a similar face to face meeting or share information.

90% of my business is based on an internet connection – so it’s important for me to always be connected for clients to reach me and for my product and services to reach my target audience.

What’s not to love about my inet service, hmmm… I had it when I started my first business as a teenager and have kept it still today. I love the consistency in speed that I’ve had – in addition to the now even lower rate for more performance. I also like the fact that I have been able to reach a support technician even over the weekend instead of getting a machine recording or a rep answering from overseas.

– Elijah James | CEO & Founder of Voice Publications & The LocaL App | Marketing Communications and Information Technology Consultancy •