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There is a range of Internet solutions offered by APUA Telecoms, which affords every customer the opportunity to have a service tailored to their needs. The most widely used is the DSL service, and fibre continues to increase in popularity as we expand across the island. Broadband Internet services are usually governed by what is called a contention ratio, which means that multiple users share the data capacity on a single line. This is a common practice among many service providers, and at APUA we strive to keep the contention ratio as low as possible to allow quality services to be delivered to our customers. There are some users, especially businesses, that have needs beyond what the general DSL services provide, and a Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) might be a more ideal solution.

However, for business customers that still require a better quality of service, our DIA would offer that level of comfort without any contention issues: ensure quality service, encourage better utilisation of resources and reduce cost.

DIA offers a more reliable Internet connection through a dedicated leased circuit connected to customers local or wide area network. Business owners must ensure that they have enough bandwidth for their employees to function daily, and if a great deal of the company’s processes rely on web-based applications such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and accounting software, then it must run on a stable communications backbone.

Businesses that intend to maximize on their efficiencies and allow employees to function more speedily, should invest in a stable communication backbone.

There are many benefits to having a DIA service:

– The speeds are symmetrical; equal upload and download

– The service is guaranteed and is governed by a service level agreement

– It is truly dedicated; an unbroken connection to you and only you, also a guaranteed service reliability of up to 97%

– Customers receive 24/7 technical support

– It offers real time connectivity

– It comes with guaranteed number of static IP addresses

DIA provides increased reliability and security, both of which are critical in the current business environment. This will increase the productivity of your business on a whole and allow for video conferences with employees and clients. Multiple employees will be able to access the same web-based applications while other employees are downloading files and making VoIP calls. Dedicated access enables and empowers businesses to do more with the Internet. •