Message from Esworth Martin — General Manager


As the leader of a multifaceted organization, the duty is mine to ensure that each business unit reaches its full potential, and for each the requirement is quite different. Our telecom product finds itself in a dynamic market, and the leaders are those who are able to adopt and deploy new technologies to meet the ever-evolving communication needs of Antiguans and Barbudans. Decisions have to be made that balance investment with the expected return and also take into consideration the fact that we are a state-owned entity carrying a social obligation.

APUA Telecoms is our pride and joy; it signifies local ownership, innovation and has been a pioneer in so many ways. I am fully invested in its success, as I am in the success of every business unit within our organization. We have taken the mandate handed to us by the government to ensure high levels of broadband penetration very seriously. In addition to that we are poised to become the premier communications provider in Antigua and Barbuda. There is a lot that needs to be done to get there, but I am committed to driving this process and lending my full support to the leadership and staff of the Telecoms Business Unit. •