CANTO is a nonprofit membership organization which serves telecommunications operators, government departments, equipment suppliers, regulatory authorities, consultants in the telecom industry, and other institutions and affiliate members throughout the Caribbean Region and the Americas.  CANTO comprises of a Board of Directors, Secretariat, and eight (8) Working Committees.  The Secretariat along with each Working Committee is responsible for various operations of CANTO and aid in informing the Board of Directors decisions pertaining to the directional focus and thrust of the organization.  The Working Committees are as follows:

1. Marketing and Communications Committee

2. Human Resources Committee

3. Disaster Recovery Planning Committee

4. Financial Advisory Committee

5. Regulations  Committee

6. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee

7. Vendor/ Supplier Working  Committee

8. Technology Working Committee

The Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) has been a member of CANTO for more than twenty (20) years.  Throughout the years, APUA’s involvement and relevance to the vision and mission of CANTO has significantly grown.  In 2008 CANTO’s 26th Annual General Meeting of Members was cohosted by APUA at the Veranda Resort. In 2012, two (2) employees from APUA won second prize at the 28th Annual CANTO Conference for competing in an APP design competition.

On 29th June 2015 Mr. Joseph Samuel, Business Development Coordinator at APUA, was appointed as Chairman of the Marketing and Communications Committee.  As Chairman of the Marketing and Communications Committee, Mr. Samuel and his team are responsible for advising the Secretariat in the utilization of methodologies and strategies aimed at increasing the visibility of CANTO’s valuable initiatives and programs that are designed to benefit its membership, the Caribbean Region, and the Americas.

Today, additional APUA employees are integral members of other CANTO Working Committees.  Mr. Denelle Richards, Auditor Senior, is the Chairman of the Financial Advisory Committee and Mr. Francois Sutton, Senior Network Engineer serves on the Regulations Committee.

As APUA continues to experience growth in the telecommunications landscape it is vital that we seek not to do so in isolation.  To this end, the umbrella of support derived from being a member of CANTO cannot be understated as we strive to continuously be at the vanguard of telecommunication innovation here in Antigua and Barbuda. •