Silicon Dadli: Talent + Technology = Our Community

What happens when a team of tech professionals and enthusiasts decide to partner, train, and advocate with each other to address Information Communication Technology (ICT) issues affecting people of Antigua and Barbuda?

You guessed it – they form an association that brings together the best in talent and technology that the twin island nation has to offer.

The end result?  “Silicon Dadli”.

This community of over 100 members actively engage on a daily basis to discuss opportunities and possible solutions for the local and even wider Caribbean ICT sectors. Silicon Dadli members comprise of key stakeholders in the industry ranging from Entrepreneurs, Senior IT Managers, IT Specialists and App Developers.

Entrepreneurship, Development, Innovation

The idea behind the association was conceptualized in 2016. It later bloomed, and officially launched in June 2017 by the following inaugural Executive Board:

Mr. Sven James – President

Mr. Kenlie Browne – Vice President

Mr. Ashton Fearon – General Secretary

Mr. Dwight Williams – Assistant Secretary

Mr. Dennis Byron – Treasurer

Mr. Dirk Agard – Assistant Treasurer

Mr. Elijah James – Public Relations & Membership

Ms. Mako Williams – Youth Research & Development

Mr. Dorlan James – Education & Training

One of their most notable objectives is focused on promoting entrepreneurship, development and innovation within the local Antigua and Barbuda marketplace; thereby forging closer ties with the public, government and business community to recognize that homegrown ICT solutions are very much available on island.

The association is actively working to get more youth involved in the ICT sector so that they not only see it as a hobby, but even more so a career and at the same time it’s poised to become a coherent voice on technology issues in society.

Silicon Dadli will seek to host several programs and events to include – Hackathons (solution oriented competitions), Mentorship and Internships opportunities, as well as convening dialogues and forums on any challenges or issues that need to be addressed and intends on presenting the results via Newsletters, Press Releases and Public forums.

In March of this year, during World Consumer Rights Day Silicon Dadli presented to a wide cross section of schools and youth at the Consumer Affairs Tech Fair & Tech Talk under the theme: Building A Digital World Consumers Can Trust.

Here’s an idea of some of the homegrown ICT solutions that are available from within Silicon Dadli’s community:

Ebuzzz Network – Get Personal Alerts about Events, Jobs, Sales and More

Grid Shop – Buy and Sell New or Used Items from your Mobile Phone

Pick Me Up – Need Transportation? – Anytime and Anywhere in Antigua

Pocket Antigua – Access the Best of Antigua & Barbuda from Your Pocket

The LocaL App – Explore, Trade & Review Local Businesses, Events, Opportunities & More

TickeTing Events – Save Time & Conveniently Purchase Event Tickets from Anywhere

With all these amazing startups, if safe to say that the people of not only Antigua & Barbuda but the wider Caribbean; should be looking forward with eager anticipation to what the future holds for the ICT market.

Silicon Dadli is open to new members from all backgrounds and skill sets including students and even corporations; so if you’d like to join or even learn more about their community – contact them at email: or contact (268) 772 0781 / (268) 772 8913  •