Technology Integrates Into Today’s Homes


Smart home technology is one trend that is gaining momentum with designers, home owners and the techie in all of us.

From a fully integrated smart home system to various smart home gadgets the industry is rapidly evolving into a multi-million-dollar hub of creative concepts to help make our homes more comfortable using technology.

A smart home is quite simply a home equipped with lighting, heating, and electronic devices that are connected via Wi-Fi and can be controlled onsite or remotely. Recent surveys illustrate the rapid adaptation of smart home products with more than a quarter of all consumers owning at least one and nearly half of all Millennials embracing the technology.

Smart home products range in use and cost, but some of the most popular products are used to control lighting, temperature, windows and doors, and even outlets. These products are designed to not only make homes more comfortable, offering easy solutions to routine tasks, but they frequently reduce electricity consumption as well by automating when devices are on and off. Smart products can also improve aesthetics in traditional appliances. OBM International has recently integrated LG’s Art Cool Gallery air conditioning into a home providing energy-efficient cooling with a gallery style frame to conceal the unit.

Want even more technology? A fully integrated smart home begins during the design phase of a new home. It integrates and controls everything within the home that runs on electricity from automatic lights, locks, shades and shutters, security cameras, and everything in between. The engineering of a fully integrated home is complex and requires a technology professional who is familiar with the system to be used in the home. These smart home engineers will work with architects and interior designers to ensure the wiring is available for control panels and switches and that there is adequate space for the ‘rack room’ or control room for the system. Not only must space be allocated but frequently additional cooling and back-up generators are required to keep the rack room operating efficiently.

If an integrated smart home seems overwhelming, there are many things that have been integrated into Antigua homes for years that continue to be smart. Utilising solar elements throughout a home whether for heating a pool or for supplemental electricity will always be smart, as well as building open, tropical homes designed to provide airflow for natural air conditioning.

As technology continues to evolve and it integrates into our homes, it’s important to remember the best smart technology is the one that works for you to make your home a more comfortable place. •