The Cadet Corps Programme: Holding Hands While Planning for the Future

Tourism Cadets

Antigua and Barbuda! An exotic twin island destination where God showered 365 of the best droplets, that emerged into some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. A land filled with pristine white sand, crystal clear blue waters, an amazing tropical sun and an island breeze that brings one word to mind “paradise”.

I am Darshanie Singh, the 2016-2017 Junior Minister of Tourism and a graduate of the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Cadets Corps Programme. The Tourism Cadets Corps programme which started in 2003, was the brainchild of Ms. Shirlene Nibbs, the then Director of Tourism. This tourism youth awareness programme, which targets students aged 15 and upwards, is dedicated to developing a sense of ownership for our tourism product while teaching the life skills needed to be successful and well-rounded adults. A key objective of this programme is to attract and retain the best minds in the industry. My exposure to this programme was instrumental in changing my perspective, as I joined 79 other youth realize countless opportunities that are in this dynamic industry.

We are tomorrow’s leaders and our aim should be to hold the key positions in our hotels and all other tourism related companies.  We must capitalise on our creative skills, leadership abilities and become entrepreneurs.

As the leaders of tomorrow, I implore you to experience our many hiking trails and historical sites. It’s through these experiences that we will develop a greater appreciation for our tourism product and inevitably with this passion, will develop innovative and creative ways to build the industry. We should all be fully engaged within the Tourism sector of Antigua and Barbuda for the decision we make today will play a pivotal role in the enhancement and development of this twin island nation.

The continued success of Antigua and Barbuda, lies within our hands to place a vested interest within Tourism, and what it has to offer. We can and will take this island to a whole new level. Remember the Beach is just the beginning.   •